A phenolic phenomenon

Ardbeg Spectacular Limited Edition

Ardbeg Spectacular Limited Edition

Welcome to a spectacle of flavours!

Roll up, roll up...

We present to you a spectacle of showstopping flavours. For the first time ever, Ardbeg Spectacular has been matured in rare port wine casks.

Years in ex-bourbon and port wine casks have imparted a mesmerising array of bizarre notes. Fragrant lavender, vetiver and incense candles tumble into rich almond nuttiness.

Deeper notes such as damp peat and woodsmoke introduce a daring double act of creosote and tar, before leather and minty chocolate leap across to sweet pear crumble and salted caramel fudge. A bewildering display of distilling, Ardbeg Spectacular is a certifiable phenomenon of flavour.

Non chill filtered at 46.0 ABV%.

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